Catholic Preschool and Kindergarten


Two-year-old Program

Preschool photo 2 year old - 2

This program helps each child feel comfortable in the school environment and makes the separation from his or her parents as smooth as possible. At this age, children are becoming more independent and our goal is to help the child develop positive feelings about themselves and daily accomplishments.

Three-year-old Program

Preschool photo 3 year old - 1

At this age level, children are very curious about the world around them. Friendships begin to develop and the children learn to express their needs and to listen to the ideas of their peers. We create an environment that promotes development through play, giving children the opportunity to demonstrate confidence in their own emotional, social, creative, cognitive and physical abilities. We help our three year olds enjoy childhood as they are growing.

Pre-k / Four-year-old Program

Preschool photo 4 year old - 1

Four-year-olds are taught to love learning by being exposed to a wealth of resources and the excitement of using them. Our program strives to foster curiosity and respect for the world around us, while developing co-operation skills, independence, and self-esteem. Learning to problem-solve, improve communication skills, and develop independent thinking are also stressed.

Transitional Kindergarten Program

Preschool photo transitional kindergarten

Taught by an experienced early childhood expert, the TK program is for older, experienced preschoolers who are turning 5 in the fall or are already 5 years of age at the start of school. This program includes Pre-Kindergarten curriculum elements with real Kindergarten practice.